"When will we learn that an economy that just works for the wealthy just doesn't work? David Madland, one of the nation's wisest young scholars, explains with clarity and eloquence why trickle down economics can't keep its promise of rapid growth -- and why a more just economy will provide better results for everyone. This is a truly important book that should shape our debate for many years to come." 

    E. J. Dionne Jr., Senior fellow, Brookings Institution, University Professor, Georgetown's McCourt School of Public Policy, Author, "Our Divided Political Heart"​

For the past several decades, politicians and economists thought that high levels of inequality were good for the economy. But because the middle class is now so weak, America’s economy suffers from the kinds of problems that plague less-developed countries. As Hollowed Out explains, to have strong and sustainable growth, the economy needs to work for everyone and grow from the middle-out. 

Hollowed Out: 

Why The Economy Doesn't Work Without A Strong Middle Class

An economy that works only for the rich simply doesn’t work. 

“Madland’s book makes a strong and clear argument that an economy geared around the middle class is not only more in keeping with democratic and liberal norms, but it’s simply better economics, too.”  ​Salon

-Excerpt from Hollowed Out

“A dramatic and clearly delineated outline” of the coming fight between trickle-down and middle-class economics.  Kirkus Review  

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